Advancements in Education Amid Budget Cuts



This year, Louisiana education systems at every level have dealt with significant budget cuts and various obstacles. However, there are some happy endings coming from the legislature regarding education. Thrive Academy is Louisiana’s first public boarding school for at-risk youth and is located in Baton Rouge. This past regular session, the legislature passed HB 887, which provided for the funding and governance of the Thrive Academy. Because of this measure, at-risk children will now have opportunities they did not have previously to succeed and contribute to our state.


Thrive Academy Executive Director Sarah Broome wrote to me, “I know this has been a particularly difficult session and I am so grateful that our bill did not get lost in the chaos.” Louisiana’s children deserve better than to be “lost in the chaos.” I will continue to serve Louisiana’s citizens and fight for the educational rights of our future.


If you are interested in learning more about the Thrive Academy and what they do to provide educational opportunities to the youth of Louisiana, click here.