“I think the greatest thing Gerald has done is what he campaigned on initially and that was connectivity. He said early on that he wanted to bring parishes together, people together, and services together.”

– Kenneth Boudreaux

“He’s doing it because he believes in this community. He really wants to see change!”

– Jennifer Jackson

“Gerald is one that serves not for himself, but for others. And because he’s always thinking about other people, he has been very effective as a legislator.”

– Hank Perret

“He is more like a neighbor and a friend to those that live in his district and as a friend and as a neighbor he’s very aware of the needs of his community and his constituents.”

– Betsy Gautreaux

“The stakes are much too high and the learning curve much too steep to start with a newcomer to this very important seat in the Senate.”

– Clyde Simien

“He has a proven record, but he also has a heart for really serving the best needs of his constituents.”

– Phyllis Coleman Mouton

“He’s a family-oriented person… He supports his family first and his commitments after that.”

– Merlin Leger

“What impressed me about him was that he had good leadership qualities even back then as a student, and I saw that while he was an athlete at Northside High School, and I assumed, I just figured that one day he’ll move up and end up being productive in society and in a good leadership role capacity.”

– James Simmons

“From what I’ve seen and read and observed as far as his affiliation with his community has been very positive. He’s been quite energetic in terms of going out and praying about things that benefits the people. The rec program for the whole city of Lafayette has been very powerful and certainly he’s a creative, innovative, and aggressive about trying to make a difference where by the quality of life for the citizen’s and young people is better than what he had.”

– Mayor George Evans

“I would say he’s [Gerald] a friend, an activist, a mentor, a proven leader, and an individual of integrity and dependability.”

– Joseph Cotton

“I support Gerald Boudreaux because he is a people’s person who understands the issues. He understands what’s going on in the trenches, and he understands the people. I’ve seen him uplift so many people that’s down and out. I’ve seen him uplift so many people that needed the help. I’ve seen the results of his work.”

– Cupid

“When I first met Gerald, he was probably about fifteen years old in high school at Northside. He wasn’t driving yet, and in those days my husband Greg would go pick him up to go and umpire baseball, little league baseball.  And even then you knew there was something special about Gerald.  He was so eager, and you could tell he was a goal setter. I could tell that he was going to give back to the community even then, and look what he’s done. It’s been amazing to watch this.”

– Betsy Gautreaux

“Our family is heavily involved with Miles Perret Cancer Services and every year at Games of Acadiana, which is the cancer center’s biggest fundraiser, I work side by side with Gerald Boudreaux and he’s always the first man there and always the last man to leave, and he works all day tirelessly leading cancer patients all through the Cajundome all day long.”

– Candyce Perret

“Gerald in general in life has always been a mover and a shaker. He’s one of the people that I respect very well, very much. He is always a leader of the pack. He doesn’t ever seem to want to be behind anyone. He’s always that front guy that you want to be behind because he’s always wanting to be in the front, so it’s hard to get out in front of him. While you may strive to be there, you can be right next to him because he’s usually in the front of the pack leading the charge in whatever he’s set his mind to, so that’s just the nature of how Gerald is in life.”

– Hunter Trahan

“I think that when you look at his involvement throughout the community–whether it’s the number of jobs and the things that he’s done with his church, Immaculate Heart of Mary, or whether the hospitals boards or some of the other civic minded things that he’s doing, what he’s done with the Martin Luther King day celebration–again it shows just how multi-talented he is and how good he is and effective he is at what he’s doing.”

– Danny Cottonham

“Gerald was a great role model for the youth in the community.  Gerald preached a gospel that was more along the lines of that it’s not as important whether you won or lost but about how you pretty much played the game.  It wasn’t about recreation in his mind when it was all said and done it was about building character with young people.  The thing I noticed was that Gerald taught and led by example.”

– Glen Weber

“Each occasion I’ve had the opportunity to work with these individuals it was shown to me by Gerald that he is capable of leadership.  He is capable of leading his community in the direction that it needs to go in to because of all of the different programs of which he worked in initially as he was coming up as the director of parks and recreation. Gerald has always shown me to be a man of great honesty, integrity, and a man of his word.”

-Gob Williams

“Gerald is committed to all people. He’s proved that throughout his life. He’s been a servant of the people of Lafayette for 30 something years.”

-Pat Fontenot

“So I realize that he really is a man of service, a man of great commitment. And he has used his leadership qualities to really help us enhance the parish. And as he runs for state senator I hope that he continues to be a man of commitment and dedication, so that the community, our schools, and our churches may be enriched.”

– Father Thomas James