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Hubert Augustine for Chief of Police

Biden administration reopens public lands for oil and gas drilling

On Friday, April 15, 2022, the Biden administration announced its plans to reopen public lands for oil and gas drilling for the first time since Biden took office in January 2021. The announcement is a result of pressure to expand US oil production as recovery from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have created a surge in oil prices. On Monday, April 18, leases for 225 square miles of land in the western United States will be offered for sale.

The royalty rates will increase to 18.75% from 12.5%, and the parcels for sale will cover 30% less land than originally proposed by officials in November, and 80% less land than originally nominated by the oil industry. The increased royalties and decreased land amounts stem from efforts to compromise between the need for more oil production to drive prices down and the need to protect the planet and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

To read more about the Biden administration’s decision, visit

Statement on the recent racist remarks from the home of Judge Michelle Odinet.

Let me express my disappointment, as words are inadequate to describe my pain after reviewing the family video at the home of our current city court judge, Mrs. Odinet.  

We have struggled miserably to garner public support for our judicial system at every level in this country.  The political landscape has become so toxic that the negative impact has been identified and evident from the United State Supreme Court to the Lafayette City Court.  I can assure you that the late Judge Kaliste Saloom, Jr. did not allow and would never condone this racist discourse from any of his children, in his residence or in his neighborhood.

The Lafayette community deserves and must have loyal political leadership if it is to be respected and recruit businesses and families that will ultimately call Acadiana their home.  I respectfully request and will officially petition that the Judiciary Commission of Louisiana investigate the ethical conduct and actions associated with the recent developments.

This situation and the comments are reprehensible, offensive and totally unacceptable from anyone serving as a judge.  The comments fail to identify any form of lamentation and cast a cloud relative to the impartiality of the judge to serve as an unbiased arbitrator in cases involving African Americans.

As the Advent season continues, I pray for justice and peace and for a keen awareness from all members of our community, especially when we identify and address sensitive, cultural and racial issues.  The improper handling or the continuous denial, contributes to a high level of tension, divisiveness and destruction.  I once again appeal to the community to speak out against the chaos and confusion that has infiltrated Washington, D.C. and is now evident in Lafayette, LA.

While some might say our brightest days are ahead of us, this situation illuminates the dark past that has destroyed many communities.  Remaining silent when it is time to speak out is indicative of complicity.  Our community deserves better and we should not stop until we have accountability and transparency.

My Statement on the Removal of Lafayette Chief of Police Thomas Glover

Chief Glover, I want to express on behalf of the citizens of Lafayette our gratitude for your exemplary ten months of loyal and dedicated service to our community. You were hired during a difficult time, approximately four months after the August 21, 2020 shooting of Trayford Pellerin, which escalated division and tension in this community. You were confronted and handled immense pressure from the African American community and was labeled an outsider. I commend you on the timely and professional manner in which you attended meetings and presented your action plan that was developed to advance twenty-first century policing in our city.  Your participation and presence was evident in many neighborhoods as you displayed strength by developing partnerships with community organizations and groups. The billboards and television clips with you and our youth on the basketball courts exemplified the positive actions you implemented to address the negative culture that has led to the escalation of crime and violence. Even more evidence of your service was the last evening before your departure you joined with Councilman Naquin and Councilwoman Cook to discuss constituent issues with residents in their respective districts.     

You have provided the local media with specific details and information relative to your ultimate departure as the Chief of Police in Lafayette.  I acknowledge the civil service rules that mandate a twelve month working or probationary period for the position that you applied for and was hired by a community panel in late 2020. The silence from this administration attempts to stain or tarnish your thirty-six plus years of service in law enforcement. The lack of a response implies that you have violated the oath of office; that you have done something illegal or wrong. Your career has been without controversy and your integrity beyond approach which apparently led to you being selected as the third Chief of Police in the past two years for the City of Lafayette. This community and your family deserves a public response on your performance and should not be told by a media relations employee that this is a “personnel matter”.  From all reports that I have reviewed, your tenure as Chief for ten months did not allow ample time to implement the goals and objectives you have shared with the community.

To our Lafayette Community, I simply state that we cannot remain silent and be in denial about law enforcement issues. There has to be accountability and transparency at every level and step of the process. The rules of respect and dignity have to be applied to all of the stakeholders. An action plan to combat crime and violence must be developed and communicated. The fact of the matter is since January 2020, we had a Chief that remained on board for twenty days, an interim Chief was appointed for 11 months and the third Chief was hired and dismissed after 10 months of service. Without stability in the Chief of Police’s office we will continue to witness the escalation of crime and violence while the appointing authority remain silent. The office of the Chief of Police should not be compromised by anyone at any time. It is not a political football, it is the office that ensures accountability and transparency of law enforcement in our community.  

Chief Glover, thank you for your honorable service and professionalism. I recently read in one of the articles that you were told they “had your back”.  This community will pray for you and your family as you move to the next chapter of your life.  And Sir, God has your back!

A Message on behalf of the Boudreaux Family

In the midst of losing my daughter, Brittney, to a rare form of breast cancer and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have been put through trials that we would never wish on anyone. We have persevered through our faith, and largely thanks to the community surrounding us. I would just like to sincerely say on behalf of the Boudreaux family that your kind words, gifts, and prayers were greatly appreciated and have helped us through this extremely difficult time. If Brittney were still with us, she would educate and encourage all to take the Covid-19 vaccine, especially with the recent FDA approval. Do it for your loved ones, those around you, and yourself. Help us to regain a sense of normalcy in the state of Louisiana. God bless you, your family, and the great state of Louisiana.

Covid-19 Vaccination Sites

Louisiana is seeing a large increase in reported COVID-19 cases statewide. Vaccinations are widely available, and I am encouraging the continuous increase in vaccinations that are taking place in our region. Here is a list of vaccination sites within the state of Louisiana.

Visit the link here to find a vaccination site near you.

Gov. Edwards, FEMA Administrator Join Forces to Promote Preparedness, COVID Vaccinations

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell released three Public Service Announcements today aimed at helping people with their emergency preparedness efforts, including getting vaccinated against COVID-19, hurricane preparedness and the importance of flood insurance.

“This year, being prepared for hurricane season doesn’t just mean buying bottled water and extra batteries – it means taking your COVID-19 shot so you’ll be protected against the coronavirus,” Gov. Edwards said. “We are lucky to have three safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19 that are readily available across Louisiana today. Already more than 1.7 million Louisianans have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are one step closer to a more normal life.”

“Gov. Edwards and I share the philosophy, that getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the start of any disaster preparedness plan,” said Administrator Criswell. “Being more resilient in our communities and states always starts with each individual person. Take the time today and have a conversation with your family to start your preparedness efforts if you haven’t already.”

The two filmed the PSAs following the National Hurricane Conference that was held in New Orleans earlier this month.

The PSAs can be viewed online:

•           “The Importance of Flood Insurance”

•           “Hurricane Preparedness”

•          “COVID-19 Vaccines”


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